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Below you can read a range of emails from our customers:

Dear Wheelstand Pro Team, I recently purchased a WSP Deluxe for my CSR wheel and the experience from ordering the product, through to the quality of the stand has been excellent.  Your customer service and communications from point of order were first class, and the wheel arrived to me in the UK in just 2 days.  Best of all is the quality of the stand itself, I would have no hesitation to recommend the WSP to anyone who wants a strong and stable, well made stand.  It is very easy to adjust, and very solid.  I have had no problems with wobbles or movement when using the stand, it is very stable.  The design is excellent.  The pedal mounts are very good, and if you have a gear shifter it can be mounted in a few different positions.  Like many others I also bought a IKEA Poäng Chair to use with the WSP and it is a perfect match and a gives you a very comfortable driving position.  I had another well known stand before this one, and that could not compare with the quality and stability of the Wheelstand Pro, if you do not have lots of room and are looking for an alternative to a full cockpit rig, then the WSP can be well recommended !  

Thanks Sam.

Dear WSP/Abitech team, i received my G25 wheel stand today and i just
wanted to thank and congratulate you for such an awesome product. At
first i was a bit skeptical because the price seemed a bit high. But now
after i got it, i can say it's worth every cent. The shipping was
quick, the packaging was secure and tight - no loose parts whatsoever,
the instructions were clear, the setup quick and easy, it is very stable
and easy to fold and store. I'm very happy with it. Thank you again and
have a nice day! - Andy :)

Hello, Wheel Stand Pro team :-)
Before I share my thoughts on my recent purchase, I’d like to thank each
and every one of you for the amazing service I’ve received, it’s been
second-to-none, from the outset, and during the entire process.
Absolutely superb service, thank you all. I would like to send a
special thank you to Zofia, who’s standard of customer service is truly
impeccable, and cannot be faulted in any way :-)
Now, my thoughts on the product. In a word... WOW!!!!!
Excellent build quality, extremely sturdy construction, and very easy to
attach the wheel to, even though my eyesight is far from perfect (hence
the large font in my emails). The despatch/delivery (less than 48
hours) was unbelievably quick, and surpasses some companies in my home
Country, AMAZING!
I couldn’t be happier with my purchase right now, well worth the money.
I will be recommending the Wheel Stand Pro to everyone who asks me about
it, and everyone who is looking for the perfect stand for their wheel.
It is, in one word... OUTSTANDING!
Thank you all for the amazing service, and the amazing Wheel Stand :-D

Kindest regards to you all.

To the Wheelstand Pro team,
Ewa, Zofia
The Wheelstand pro Deluxe arrived at the base this morning. Truly
fantastic guys! The quality of this product is second to none and in my
opinion really is worth every penny. It's incredibly well engineered so
professionally packaged too with such attention to detail the whole
package is truly top quality.
As for the delivery time. From Poland to the UK.... Ordered Friday and
delivered Monday morning -Totally surprised me, was expecting it towards
the end of the week at the earliest - Outstanding!
I also received excellent customer service from both Ewa & Zofia and
would like to thank all the team responsible. It's not often you receive
a top quality product but also top notch service too.
I really believe you deserve far more recognition for this product and
the service you provide! I will certainly be recommending you in the
future and standby as I'm almost certain a mate of mine will be ordering
in the near future!
Thanks again everyone


Hey there

Delivered 28/12 ... brilliant product, sturdy and well made and
adjustable in all the right places

Thankyou so much, you should be very proud .... I have put pics of it
up, and stored away on my Facebook page for my gaming friends to
consider ... everyone with a wheel should have one!

Happy New Year!

Brightly designed, beautifully engineered, well built, reasonably priced,
neatly packaged, professionally marketed and expertly supported! Your
product is perfect for the purpose and your service was excellent. Thanks
very much!

Andreas, UK

Just wanted to say that I received the Wheel Stand Pro yesterday after
only 2 and a half day from ordering. Absolutely floor by the service you
provide. And the stand itself is of excellent quality and everything I
hoped for. I can not recommend you guys enough! Excellent and top notch
all around!
Thank you so much.

Staffan Linder

I just wanted to thank your company for the speed at which my wheel
stand pro was despatched. I can't believe how quickly you sent the item
from Poland to the UK. The communication emails and ability to track the
item during delivery made for a totally professional buying experience.
The item was well packaged and I look forward to using it soon. Thanks
again and feel free to publish this email so other people who may be
concerned about purchasing from another country can rest assured that
the process is easy, professional and very very quick.

Darren M (uk)


Stojak wreszcie do mnie dotarl.
Celnicy go przetrzymali.
Nie mieszkam w UE wiec chcieli abym zaplacil clo.
Wyslane bylo jako prezent gwiazdkowy wiec nie powinni tego robic.
Na szczescie wszystko sie dobrze skonczylo.
Stojak jest rewelacyjny.Stabilny,ladnie wykonany.
Bardzo praktycznie zrobiony.
Granie na kierownicy znowu daje mnostwo przyjemnosci.
W Polsce mam cale stanowisko do jezdzenia ale tu nie mam miejsca
aby taka konstrukcje trzymac.
Panstwa stojak calkowicie mnie uszczesliwil. :)))


Hi there,
Your product has been delivered as you promised and it's so simple and
excellent! It's a perfect wheel-stand that could fit to any height or
position and easy to store. When I think that I wanted to spend over
£300 for the "cockpit" that takes so much room and you need a small
bedroom to store it; I'm so pleased to have chosen your product
instead!!! Well done guys (and girls).
Thanks again,


The following Text you can put into your customer rewievs:
"If you buy a wheel for gaming the crucial thing is where should I fix
it and how. Especially when you play in the Living Room with PS3 or
XBOX360. The furniture mostly doesnt fit. Either the chair is too far
from the table or the table isn't high enough. (And buying a racing seat
is only for absolute freaks with a seperate room for their hobby.)
WHEEL STAND PRO is the perfect solution. It is very very stable and you
can adjust it in so many ways that you really have the wheel and the
pedals in a position which comes near driving in a real car. I use it
with a Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel and a IKEA Poäng Chair two meters
in front of a 32 inch Flat-TV playing Gran Turismo 5.
There a many Wheel Stand Pro Models for a variety of the most actual Wheels.
MY WSP came within a week in very good condition and the support helps
you if you have a problem fixing the wheel/pedals etc.
Wheel Stand Pro - A choice you will not regret. And the price is very
fair if you think of the high quality of the stand.

Greetings from Germany,

Hi. Today I received WheelStandPro. =) All is good, fast delivery.
Your product is amazing - no cheap elements, every inch looks best.
This is one of the products that can be described "You really see in
what you spent every $1". Thanks for great work!


I recieved the wheelstand last Monday. I have to say, PERFECT!!!! The stand is great and folds away nice out of view in my small apartment. You saved me months of headache trying to find someone to build one for me. Customs did not charge me, and they did not say anything at all about it. Your customer service has been superior, and your response to emails have been prompt and informative. 
Thank you for a wonderful product.
Sincerely, Corey, Argentina

Received this morning, it's a great piece of kit. Expect to see a good review from me on the internet.
Paul, UK

I already received the wheelstandpro yesterday morning (tuesday), after having ordered it on friday evening last week. Brilliant and fast service! The utility is fantastic. And it is even stylish![...] I am improving my performance on GT 5 Pro significantly.
Thank you very much.
Reiner, Germany

I got the stand Tuesday this week. The quality and design of the stand is excellent! Thanks for a great product and service.
Brian, US

That was delivered bloody quickly!!!! Thank you for a great and speedy service. It's an excellent product and I will be recommending it to all!
 Regards, Mike , UK

Had a chance to play with it last night, it's awesome! I didn't realize it would be quite as solid as it is, a very pleasant surprise! It's very solid both in build and stability and really allows you to comfortably use the wheel and pedals wherever you want, couch, chair, probably would work standing now that I think about it
 Great product!
Jeremy, US

Just to let you know that I got my wheel stand. It is a great product, just what I wanted and I'm having a lot of fun with it. :) Many thanks, Steve , UK

Thank you very much for the wheelstandpro (G25) This stand is so brilliant its untrue. It ticks every single box you can think of!!! 1) It is sturdy under intense driving conditions 2) It folds away 3) Bespoke for G25 4) Pedals are a comfortable fit 5) It stays completely still (the stand has complete rubber feet) 5) Looks nice (Goes well with my black and silver furnishings at home!) 5) The gearstick could go either side (left or right) This is the complete solution which everyone should be made aware of especially with Gran Turismo 5 prologue arriving on the 28th March. Thanks again, and for the very fast delivery! Francis, UK

I've received the package Tuesday morning (11/04)... and what can I say... your product rocks!!!
I'm sending you this email only to say that it exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and stability.
Nice work guys. Kind regards, Fernando (a happy customer :) ), Portugal

Received my wheel stand pro today and I'm very impressed with the overall build quality. Customer service has been top notch and the product itself is perfect, just what I was looking for!
Also very impressed with the speed of delivery!
Thanks, Jamie, Australia

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